1 minute read

Guide to Claims-Based Identity Second Edition

It looks like the Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control was released as a second addition! Take a look at the list of authors: Dominick Baier Vittorio Bertocci Keith…..

11 minutes read

Strongly Typed Claims

Sometimes it’s a pain in the neck working with Claims. A lot of times you need to look for particular claim and that usually means looping through the claims collection…..

13 minutes read

The Importance of Elevating Privilege

The biggest detractor to Single Sign On is the same thing that makes it so appealing – you only need to prove your identity once. This scares the hell out…..

7 minutes read

Creating a Claims Provider Trust in ADFS 2

One of the cornerstones of ADFS is the concept of federation (one would hope anyway, given the name), which is defined as a user’s authentication process across applications, organizations, or…..

3 minutes read

Windows Azure ACS v2 Mix Announcement

Part of the Mix11 announcement was that ACS v2 was released to production.  It was actually released last Thursday but we were told to keep as quiet as possible so…..

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GoodBye CardSpace; Hello U-Prove

Other possible titles: So Long and Thanks for all the Identity Goodbye awesome technology; Hello Awesomer Technology CardSpace? What’s CardSpace? Over on the Claims Based Identity Blog they made an…..

12 minutes read

The Problem with Claims-Based Authentication

Homer Simpson was once quoted as saying “To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems”.  I can’t help but borrow from it and say that Claims-Based…..

8 minutes read

Claims, MEF, and Parallelization, Oh My

One of the projects I’ve been working on for the last couple months has a requirement to aggregate a set of claims from multiple data sources for an identity and…..