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Change of Scenery

Every once in a while you need to make a life-altering decision. Last night I sent an email to the ObjectSharp team telling them I had resigned (I had spoken to the bosses in person prior). Boy, talk about blunt, eh? Every once in a while you are offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something pretty amazing. I’ve had three of these opportunities. The first was Woodbine Entertainment where I got my start in the Toronto development world. The second was ObjectSharp where I have been able to learn so much from some of the brightest minds…

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AzureFest Revisited

Remember a few months ago when ObjectSharp and Microsoft put on AzureFest at the Microsoft office in Mississauga?  Well, here we go again!  This time we have two events: Downtown Toronto: March 30th, 2011 – MSN Office, 222 Bay Street Mississauga: March 31st, 2011 – Microsoft Canada HQ, 1950 Meadowvale Blvd Our presenter for both evenings is Cory Fowler, and he is the Canadian MVP for Windows Azure, an ObjectSharp Consultant, and a good friend of mine. You can register by clicking here. What you’ll learn How to setup your Azure Account How to take a traditional on-premise ASP.NET applications…

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The Azure Experience Lab

Every year ObjectSharp puts on a handful of events, and this year we are pushing hard for Azure.  Next week we have such an event geared towards ISV Developers and Business people.  ObjectSharp would like to welcome you to the Azure Experience Lab! Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud operating system. Leveraging the .NET Platform, developers can easily take advantages of their skills to move their applications to the cloud.  The Azure Experience Lab is all about discovering new business opportunities and learning new technologies to leverage cloud computing for your organization and your customers. For ISVs looking to augment their…

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AzureFest–Final Countdown: 2 Days to go

[The soundtrack for this post can be found at Youtube] Cory Fowler is the Canadian MVP for Windows Azure, an ObjectSharp Consultant, and a good friend of mine.  He will be presenting on Windows Azure at, you guessed it, AzureFest!  We have two half day events on December 11th 2010 (two days from now – see what I did there?) at Microsoft’s office in Mississauga and it’s chock full of everything you need to know about getting started with Windows Azure.  You can register by clicking here. What You’ll Learn How to setup your Azure Account How to take a…

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More Changes to this Site

Due to the fact that the hosting provider I was using for Syfuhs.net was less than stellar, (names withheld to protect the innocent) I’ve decided to move the blog portion of this site to blogs.objectsharp.com. With any luck the people subscribing to this site won’t see any changes, and any links directly to www.syfuhs.net should 301 redirect to blogs.objectsharp.com/cs/blogs/steve/. As I learned painfully of the problems with the last migration to DasBlog, permalinks break easily when switching platforms.  With any luck, I will have that resolved shortly. Please let me know as soon as possible if you start seeing issues….

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Act II: New Opportunities

Sometime last week I sent out an email to quite a few people: As is the way of things in the tech industry, jobs change.  More specifically, mine. Sometime around October 1st this email will be turned off as I am starting a new position with ObjectSharp working with some of the brightest minds in Toronto.  If you need to get in touch with me after that date you can do it through a few channels.  My personal email is steve@syfuhs.net, which gets checked more often than it should, and my O# email will be ssyfuhs@objectsharp.com. Cheers Steve Syfuhs, MCP…