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Facts about Sound you Probably didn’t Know

The other day I kept hearing this noise from my neighbor.  I couldn’t quite figure it out, and naturally it was annoying.  I didn’t do anything about it, but it got me thinking about some random facts about sound and noise. Sound travels faster through concrete than air Sound travels faster through most materials faster than air Below is a list of common materials and how fast sound travels through them (Values found at http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/sound-speed-solids-d_713.html) Medium Velocity (m/s) (ft/s) Aluminum 4877 16000 Brass 3475 11400 Brick 4176 13700 Concrete 3200 – 3600 10500 – 11800 Copper 3901 12800 Cork 366…

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Bizarre Error Message from Explorer

Interesting error found in explorer.exe.  I tried hitting [Windows] + [E] and got this message: Kinda bizarre.  I blame solar flares.

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Balanced Audio Connections

Someone once told me that a balanced audio connection works because of polarity. I wish I had a rolled up newspaper so I could swat him with it on the nose. Balanced systems are used to keep noise and interference out of systems. It is a common myth that balancing a system involves polarity. It does not. Polarity plays a part in keeping interference out, but the real reason balanced systems work has to do with impedance. This type of connection is known as an unbalanced system. There is only one connection leaving the Op-Amp in device A. The second…