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Enclave.NET: A Secure-ish Crypto Execution Module

There’s a common problem that many applications run in to when executing cryptographic operations, and that’s the fact that the keys they use tend to exist within the application itself. This is problematic because there’s no protection of the keys — the keys are recoverable if you get a dump of the application memory, or you’re able to execute arbitrary code within the application. The solution to this problem is relatively straightforward — keep the keys out of the application. In order for that to be effective you need to also move the crypto operations out of the application too….

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Going Nuclear: Modeling Threats to Distributed Systems

The Risks I’d say we glossed over the solution a bit, and we did that purposefully because investing a lot of effort into designing a system without understanding the risks is, well, a waste of time. We just need enough to get things moving. We have a good idea of what we want to build for now, so lets try and understand some of the risks. Our initial design looks something like this: When we consider the risk of something, we consider the chance that thing might occur. We need to weigh the chance of that thing occurring with the effect it would have…