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On Resonance

In Physics there is a term called resonance: Resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate at a greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others. In other words, if energy is applied to something, that something will vibrate more or less depending on the frequency applied to it. For example, consider a speaker….

3 minutes read

Facts about Sound you Probably didn’t Know

The other day I kept hearing this noise from my neighbor.  I couldn’t quite figure it out, and naturally it was annoying.  I didn’t do anything about it, but it got me thinking about some random facts about sound and noise. Sound travels faster through concrete than air Sound travels faster through most materials faster…

4 minutes read

Balanced Audio Connections

Someone once told me that a balanced audio connection works because of polarity. I wish I had a rolled up newspaper so I could swat him with it on the nose. Balanced systems are used to keep noise and interference out of systems. It is a common myth that balancing a system involves polarity. It…

8 minutes read

Proper Podcasting Equipment

I am not a podcaster.  I do not think I have the voice for continued listening.  However, I am a sound guy, and I am anal about it.  I did a search online to find out what equipment is necessary for podcasting and every time I came back with: Microphone Pre-amp Digital Recorder PC Editing…

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Zune Player

At first I was a little skeptical at the quality of the Zune Player, as it’s basically in direct competition with Windows Media Player.  In retrospect, that’s probably what made it what is today.  It’s designed to sync the Zune media player, and it works very well as an alternative to Media Player.  There are…

7 minutes read

What Makes us Want to Program? Part 2

In my previous post I started talking about part of my personal history with software development, and when QBasic got me hooked.  I ended the post talking about the move to Canada.  We arrived in Canada literally a week (7 days exactly) before Grade 9 started.  After getting enrolled in school, I tried to find…

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The Tragically Hip Media Player

It’s not every day you come across a band that is willing to stream all of it’s songs free of charge.  Especially at a fairly high bit rate.  Well it seems the Tragically Hip have decided to do so.   It’s a little game changing actually.  The band has decided to let everyone and their mother…