3 minutes read

On Resonance

In Physics there is a term called resonance: Resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate at a greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others. In other words,…..

4 minutes read

Balanced Audio Connections

Someone once told me that a balanced audio connection works because of polarity. I wish I had a rolled up newspaper so I could swat him with it on the…..

8 minutes read

Proper Podcasting Equipment

I am not a podcaster.  I do not think I have the voice for continued listening.  However, I am a sound guy, and I am anal about it.  I did…..

3 minutes read

Zune Player

At first I was a little skeptical at the quality of the Zune Player, as it’s basically in direct competition with Windows Media Player.  In retrospect, that’s probably what made…..

7 minutes read

What Makes us Want to Program? Part 2

In my previous post I started talking about part of my personal history with software development, and when QBasic got me hooked.  I ended the post talking about the move…..

2 minutes read

The Tragically Hip Media Player

It’s not every day you come across a band that is willing to stream all of it’s songs free of charge.  Especially at a fairly high bit rate.  Well it…..