Steve Syfuhs

I'm a principal developer on the Windows Cryptography, Identity, and Authentication team at Microsoft building authentication services and stuff. You may know me from my in-depth twitter threads on Windows security technologies. You can find them posted under Twitter Threads.

If you're wondering About the Images.

Currently I'm focusing on platform Single Sign-On and Credential Protection for your favorite Operating Systems. Prior to now I had been focusing on filling in platform authentication gaps for hybrid environments by bringing Kerberos to the cloud. Previously I was a senior Program Manager overseeing development and adoption of Windows authentication protocols like Kerberos and TLS 1.3 as well as credential protection technologies like Credential Guard.

Before that I spent a decade mostly doing the same thing but for other teams or companies.

Prior to joining the company I was a Microsoft Developer Security MVP for seven years.

If you're interested in that sort of history there's LinkedIn:

Otherwise there's daily ramblings on twitter:

And of course Github:

I'm the primary developer of the Kerberos.NET library which has recently been brought into the .NET Foundation.

Feel free to reach out: steve [@]