Have you ever wondered what happens when you type your password into Windows? With the cloud becoming a major part of our world, we find ourselves having to talk to both on-premises and cloud-native resources, which dramatically affects what happens when you do type your password into Windows.

Follow along as Steve Syfuhs gives a guided tour of how Windows handles logons internally and secures your authentication in a hybrid world.

This session includes:
02:11 Logging on to Windows
03:36 Types of logins
06:33 The Logon UI
09:39 Local Security Authority
21:53 Logon UI Part II
23:42 Local Security Authority Part II
25:14 Kerberos in Windows
35:35 Logon Sessions including Azure Active Directory
38:09 Local Security Authority Part III
43:53 Oauth in Windows - Types of credentials
45:55 Windows Hello Logon
53:34 FIDO Logon
56:32 Local Security Authority Part IV
1:01:08 Azure AD Join
1:05:14 Community Q&A - How long do we need to keep on-premises AD around?
1:09:39 How can we enable MFA/FIDO keys for normal AD Login and not only for Apps that support Modern Auth?
1:12:44 When will we get rid of passwords once and for all?

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