Every time I write out a long thread on some technical topic I inevitably see someone replying to my first post tagging a bot and telling it to unroll the thread.

I block every single one of those bots. They won't work. I will go out of my way to make sure they don't work.


Because they make money off my content without lifting a finger. I actually don't care if someone reuses my work. Go to town, have at it, make a buttload of money. But, if it's a wholesale copy of my stuff wrapped in advertisements for god knows what and all you've done is copied and pasted? Well, that's a no from me. Also, maybe, you know, ask? I'll say yes; just tell folks where you got it.

To that end I always dutifully put all these threads into posts on this site under the Twitter Thread category and every thread has a link to that post at the end. I even have RSS/ATOM feeds so if you want all these threads in a single place go use an RSS reader.

Not only are the posts formatted better, they also doesn't have advertisements on them. I make no money off this site. It costs me money to host.

Do everyone a favor and stop using these godforsaken bots. It takes time and energy putting stuff into written form and they're taking advantage of people just wanting to create.