This is just a list of all the things I've written on Windows authentication. I've sorted it by rabbit hole.

Architectural Things

What Happens When you Type Your Password into Windows?

How Azure AD Windows Sign-in Works

How Windows Single Sign-On Works

How Authentication Works when you use Remote Desktop

Identity Delegation in Active Directory

How Managed Service Accounts in Active Directory Work

A Bit About the Local Security Authority

On Computer Passwords

Why We Built Azure AD Kerberos

Windows Hello Cloud Trust

The Protocols

Kerberos Explained in a Little Too Much Detail

Windows and Domain Trusts

Kerberos FAST Armoring

Hybrid Authentication with FIDO

How Azure AD Kerberos Works

Credential Protection

Protecting Against Credential Theft in Windows

A Strategy for Protecting Privileged Access

How Windows Defender Credential Guard Works

How does Remote Credential Guard Work?

Service Hardening

Lessons in Disabling RC4 in Active Directory

Killing NTLM is Hard

MFA is Hard to do Right